Monday, June 17, 2013

APS Board Meeting open to the public

The APS School Board will have a regular board meeting Wednesday night.  On the agenda, link, "discussions" of the district's progress on the first two of its four goals.

Progress on the third goal was subject of a previously postponed presentation and defense by APS Executive Director of Communications Monica Armenta.

Armenta's "spin" on her own progress
(the leadership of the APS being loathe as it is to evaluation of itself by anybody but itself) was delivered in what amounts to an "in secret" meeting last Friday morning.

The fourth goal, originally on the agenda for the last regular meeting has apparently disappeared; I cannot finds its mention on any upcoming meeting agenda.

The defense of the fourth goal would feature APS' Chief of Police Steve Tellez and the defense of the district's need for a stand alone publicly funded private police department, accountable only to the superintendent and board.  More importantly, a police department with the authority to self-investigate felony criminal misconduct.

Such self-investigation of felony criminal misconduct is currently prohibited under a Memorandum Of Understanding imposed upon APS' Praetorian Guard by Bernalillo County Sheriff Dan Houston, link.

h. Any report of a crime which may be determined to be a felony offense, excluding property crimes, shall be promptly reported to and investigated by BCSD or APD.
Tellez is scheduled, in the near future, to testimony under oath, over his handling of APS police force's (last) self-investigation of allegations of felony criminal misconduct in the leadership of the APS police force, link.

The agenda for the Wednesday board meeting, indicates that APS Chief Financial Officer Don Moya and APS Chief Academic Officer Shelly Green are scheduled to present and defend on goals one and two.

While APS' award winning website does provide links, link, to still more unsigned "authorizations", for the discussions, it does not provide even one link to information that might be of actual use to interest holders in advance of the discussion. 
(UPDATE; sometime between when the agenda was posted and today, links to the goals were added, goal 1, link, goal 2, link.)

Armenta, though she appeared effectively "in private", at least showed up with 29 pages of progress, link,  to present and defend.

So far, the establishment's media, let's say the Journal Managing Editor Kent Walz to put a face to it, has chosen to not investigate and report upon the district's progress on any of it's goals, much less its failure to (adequately) progress on any one or more of them.

The Journal is yet to report, link,
even that APS has four goals.

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