Friday, March 22, 2013

"The right time to do the right thing, is always right now."

APS has provided a link, to the videotape of the March 20th board meeting.  At approximately 1:33 into the meeting, the discussion and action on the APS Open Meetings Resolution begins.

It wasn't exactly as I supposed.  I was right about the lack of School Board President Marty Esquivel's honest enthusiasm over increasing the notice on their agendas to 72 hours.

For as long as Esquivel has been on the board, the board could have, in two meetings, increased the notice from 24 hours to 72.  They could have changed every year when it came up as a matter of course.  Clearly, if HB21 doesn't get signed for some reason, Esquivel will be fine with keeping the notice at 24 hours, for as long as he can.

You need to listen to their rationale for not just doing the right thing, right now.  They claim the burdens associated with moving from 24 to 72 hours notice are substantial.  I just don't buy it.  A number of bodies, the Bernalillo County Commission for one, have shown 72 hours notice, or more, is doable.

New Board Member Donald Duran
spoke right up in favor of changing
the notice to 72 hours.  His respect
for public input seems sincere.

The other new Board Member
Steven Michael Quezada chose
to not stand up on the issue,
either way.

David Peercy was not there.
Nor was Lorenzo Garcia.

Kathy Korte was there, offered no opinion.

Board Member Analee Maestas
also spoke up in favor of
increasing public notice.

photos Mark Bralley

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