Wednesday, March 13, 2013

HCR1; transparent accountability battleground

Make no bones about it, link, there is a fight going on in the Roundhouse.  On the one side, legislators who embrace transparent accountability in their day to day service to the people.  On the other, legislators who do not; the complicit and the complacent.

The fight is over a fundamental philosophical disagreement; some believe the truth belongs to the people and theirs to control.  The others believe the truth belongs to politicians and public servants; theirs to disseminate in their interests.

Some see no problem, no appearance of a conflict of interests, in allowing pols and public servants to redact the public record of their own public service.  Some do.

The power that politicians and public servants wield belongs to the people.  The resources they spend, belong to the people. The truth, about the wielding of that power and the spending of those resources, belongs to the people.

It is up to the people to decide what public records are legitimately secreted and which are not.  The terms of public service are the prerogative of the people; not of their servants.

The most fundamental question;

In government of the people, by the people and for the people, who decides; who decides?  The people or the politicians?

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