Tuesday, August 14, 2012

APS' Sagger Solution

I am told that the leadership of the APS has come up with a solution to avoid having to enforce an Administrative Procedural Directive, link, that prohibits sagging.

At, at least one middle school, the rule about having shirts tucked in has been suspended.  If you can't see their belt line, you can't see they're sagging.

So who won the sagger wars;
the Superintendent who prohibited
students from sagging, or
the students who pulled their
shirts out to cover their sagging,
and got away with it?

If Supt Winston Brooks had taken any advice from anyone on this issue; he would have been told this was going to happen.

This isn't about sagging.

There's a reason why Winston Brooks won't talk about student discipline.

It is about the permission of prohibited behavior.  It is about teaching kids they don't have to obey rules.

photo Mark Bralley

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Anonymous said...

This was a last minute directive, at least at our middle school.
Most likely, Brooks would tell you that parents and teachers asked to be untucked because the fats kids felt bad that they "couldn't"tuck in.
Belts have not been enforced for 2-3 years. If belts were required, I think they would have stopped some sagging.
The score over the last 3 years is Saggers 1100% wins. And of course, this leads to breaking of other rules, now that they have the courage and the inspiration, after winning the "sagger Wars".