Thursday, July 14, 2011

Who will investigate Whitewashgate?

Mayor Richard Berry has decided that the city's Independent Review Officer will investigate the propriety of Public Safety Director Darren White's involvement in the aftermath of his own wife's car wreck. The idea of an in-house investigation isn't sitting well with the city council.

City Councilors are talking about hiring a truly independent investigator.

All investigations should be independent. The idea that people
who ride the same elevators to work everyday can investigate
each other completely impartially, flies in the face of human

Whomever does the investigation, transparency will be the
key to gaining the trust of an increasingly doubtful public.
Facts need to be laid out in a manner that invites their examination. Questions should be asked and answered before the "final" report is written.

The ethically redacted final report must be surrendered to
the public record. No more giving the report to those with the
most to hide, and letting them do the redaction. Citizens still
remember the report on the investigation into corruption in the
county (the Dantis scandal) and the subsequent redaction by
the County Manager (a player) that rendered the report useless to interest holders.

Impartial investigators offer one assurance of impartiality in the
investigation. T
ransparency limited only by an ethical
interpretation of the law, is a better one.

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