Monday, April 09, 2018

APS proves it has "ethics"; any real "accountability" to them - not so much

The leadership of the APS has for some time, fought being pinned down on their ethics, standards and accountability.  I have reported over and over, that by their own frank admission, their own Code of Ethics is utterly unenforceable.

Finally, in response to numerous public records requests; APS and their lawyers have finally decided to argue that school board members are in fact, accountable to two codes of ethical conduct;

  1. the one they wrote for themselves; APS School Board Code of Ethics, link, and
  2. the one the NM School Boards Association wrote for themselves, link.
The leadership of the APS claims actual, honest to God accountability to higher standards of conduct; not one, but two Codes of Ethics.

According to board, anyone who wants to hold them accountable to their own code of ethics, has at least one remedy; recall.

In order to recall a school board member, one would have to collect valid signatures from one-third as many people as who voted in the last school board election.

If you have never tried to collect petition signatures; you have no idea how difficult it would be to gather enough signatures to provoke a recall election.  Recall is not a viable process for holding school board members accountable to their own code of ethical conduct.  For any practical intent or purpose, it is worthless.  It doesn't count.

As for the NM School Boards Association Code of Ethics;

I have on four occasions now, sent an email to the NM School Boards Association requesting information on whatever process(es) there are available to complainants regarding violations of their Code of Ethics.

The NM School Boards Association has yet to respond.

So, no, the NM SBA Code of Ethics is not enforceable.

Ergo, the Albuquerque Public Schools Board of Education is not,
by any reasonable measure, accountable to any higher standards
of conduct than the law; the lowest standards of conduct
acceptable to civilized human beings.

When they finally produce the rest of the public records of their accountability, it will become obvious that they are not actually, honest to God accountable even to the law.  By means of limitless funding for cost-is-no-object litigation and legal weaselry, school board members and senior administrators routinely escape accountability even for criminal misconduct.

Witness their cover up of state and felony criminal misconduct, link, involving the senior most leadership of the APS and of their publicly funded private police force.  There is no record that demonstrates that any one of them was ever held accountable to the law.

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