Tuesday, March 13, 2018

The leadership of the APS has a record of hiding the truth.

They have a record of covering up state and federal felony criminal misconduct involving their senior leadership and the leadership of their publicly funded private police force.

The evidence that proves that allegation comes in the form of public records. The records are subject to the New Mexico Inspection of Public Records Act.

The records are;

  1. The records of any investigation into the conduct of any member of the leadership of the APS and that exposed probable cause to believe that there was either state or federal felony misconduct. In particular, any investigation into the corruption and incompetence reported in the Journal, Feb 1, 2007; APS Top Cop Finds Himself on Hot Seat. In particular, any investigation undertaken by the Albuquerque Public Schools police force, any contract private investigator such as but not limited to Robert Caswell Investigations, or any investigator working for their lawyers, under however many layers they are buried.
  2. Any record of APS turning over the evidence, information and testimony from those investigations to any recognized agency of law enforcement such as but not limited to, the Bernalillo County District Attorney, the Albuquerque Police Department, the Bernalillo County Sheriff’s Office, the New Mexico State Police, or the Federal Bureau of Investigation.
In response to the request, APS will either;
  1. Produce public records in accordance with the law, of cover ups of state and federal felony misconduct; or
  2. They will fight tooth and nail for every record. They will litigate forever.
At their disposal; unlimited access to the operational fund; money that could be, should be and would be spent in classrooms were it not being spent instead in courtrooms, and on whatever litigation and legal weaselry is necessary to keep the truth secret from stake and interest holders until the money runs out. 

There is only one reason to hide the truth and that is
to avoid the consequences of the truth being known.

If the record of the leadership of the APS was one of seeing that the criminals in their midst were held accountable for their crimes, they wouldn’t be hiding it; they wouldn’t need to.

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