Thursday, March 09, 2017

APS leadership in a familiar pickle ... begging and prevaricating

The leadership of the APS went to the people last night, seeking their support during a radio "call in" show.  They seek support in securing more money for their failing enterprise.

They did not take questions directly from stake and interest holders.  They never do.

They claim, according to Blogger Joe Monahan this morning, link, it was technologically impossible for them to take phone calls directly from listeners (without having to spend $2,600 on the technology that would have allowed them to take questions directly, not only during this show, but during every other call in show they will ever have.)

And, all you have to believe is that APS with all it's hundreds and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of technology and technology experts, cannot manage to play a phone call live into a microphone.

photo Mark Bralley
The Journal wrote about it before, link, and after link.  It appears clear that despite the change in editors-in-chief, the Journal will remain in the tank with the leadership of the APS.

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