Thursday, January 16, 2014

Two kinds of diplomas not good for students.

Rep. Mimi Stewart has proposed legislation that would create two kinds of high school diploma.  According to a KOAT report, link; "The general diploma would require students take three math classes instead of four and one science lab instead of two. Students would also be able to take a lower level math course."

In the not too distance future, the means by which one educates oneself will become entirely irrelevant.  Because of a nearly unlimited access to information, there will be more and more people claiming to have learned required skills and information from sources other than "schools".  Schools as such, will become increasingly unnecessary.

The really important aspect of learning is the determination of proficiency.  People have to be "certified" as a demonstration of the legitimacy of their claim to knowledge and skill sets.  An entirely self educated person will be able to sit for professional exams or whatever evaluations they need to assure consumers of their competence.

A high school diploma is a certification that a student knows and can do a number of things.  Things that ostensibly they really, really need.  It is difficult to imagine lowering what a high school diploma currently implies.  Diploma already are the bottom line on learning. 

In practice they are no guarantee of anything.  Students with high school diplomas might not even be able to read.

A high school diploma must mean something or there is no point in awarding it.  It is more than a certification of attendance.

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Anonymous said...

APS Diploma = Ate my free lunch , Participated (mastered nothing), Standards (none expected)

Anonymous said...

Mimi Stewart must be one of those legislators stuck on the perpetually stupid track. Mimi's campaign slogan "Stupid is as stupid does." Let's marginalize APS diploma's even more by lowering standards.